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Broken Sword 5 Codes and Cheats Money
  • Name: Broken Sword 5 Hack;
  • Cheats for Money, and more;
  • Developer: Revolution;
  • Price: $4.99, but you can download it for free from our site;
  • Languages: English;

Description and tips

Did want to feel yourself as a detective or to investigate some riddles? Then the game Broken Sword 5 is for you. You will need to investigate incomprehensible murders, find the killer and actually close the case. At each exit, you will need to strain your brain and attentiveness well. After all, you need to look for clues pointing to the offender. Find various objects, prints and everything that only helps you in this search for the culprit. Using the Broken Sword 5 hack you greatly simplify your search and the process of catching a criminal. Of course, on one murder everything does not end, therefore it will be necessary to hurry. By using into Broken Sword 5 hack, you also open access to the second part of the game, which is only available for a purchase, for which you have to spend your real currency, but this function is now free for you.

Broken Sword 5 Cheats and their features

The game will be saturated with a good and high-quality picture, as well as a simple and accessible interface for beginners. The game has many interesting and funny dialogues that will not make you bored and immerse into this world the crimes that you have to investigate. Find a variety of items at the crime scene, as well as various notes that will help and let you get closer and closer to your clue. Using in Broken Sword 5 cheats, you greatly simplify your search for these items using an unlimited supply of tips that will show you their location. Using in Broken Sword 5 cheats, you can forget about donat, and you no longer have to spend your real currency to purchase the continuation of this game. After all, now it is available to you absolutely free of charge and play in your enjoyment.

Hacked Broken Sword 5, and game secrests

As you progress through the game, you will need good logistics skills, as well as calmness and excellent attentiveness. Since you have to find a lot of well-hidden objects and clues that can be anywhere. Everywhere there can be pointers to the criminal, even any note can help in the investigation. Using the hack Broken Sword 5 you will feel much more confident at the scene of the crime and no more clue will leave your gaze. Using hack Broken Sword 5 remove annoying ads once and for all, which now will not appear so often, distracting you from the gameplay. Thanks to this, your ominous enemy will have no chance to escape and finally these terrible murders will stop. Catch the villain and become the best detective among all.

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Broken Sword 5 Cheat Codes for free purchases (iOS and Android):


Cheat Codes

Price in the game

Episode 2



The prices in the table are crossed out, because after entering the cheat code in the game Broken Sword 5, you will get the things for free.

Other Codes for Hacking Broken Sword 5 (iOS):


Cheat Codes





Get more Broken Sword 5 iOS Cheats

Broken Sword 5 Hack Codes (Android):


Cheat Codes





Get more Broken Sword 5 Android Cheats

In order to get all Cheat Codes for Broken Sword 5 (Android and iOS) and guide for these codes, follow this link

To start using cheats, you need to download from GooglePlay or AppStore the original Broken Sword 5. Hack of this game works on all devices on which it is installed. Broken Sword 5 Cheats work the same way as in other similar games, so if you have already used cheats, then it won't be hard to hack Broken Sword 5.

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