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Faraway 4 Codes and Cheats Money
  • Name: Faraway 4 Hack;
  • Cheats for Money, and more;
  • Developer: Snapbreak Games;
  • Price: Free;
  • Languages: English;

Description and tips

Escape from a completely new set of tiers in Faraway 4: Ancient Escape, which is filled with complex, sophisticated and "multi-level" riddles, and which will be able to please the amazing new surrounding world, which already awaits its prospector. Explore every square meter of the area by downloading Farway 4 hack. This is a game in the so-called "escape from the room" style, which will test your skills in solving riddles, as well as your adventure spirit. Go through the prequel to one of the best in the entire history of the video game industry "escape from the room" style, one that has already ripened to evaluate more than a million players. Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of tests and go through all the proposed obstacles yourself, or by setting for Faraway 4 hack.

Faraway 4 Cheats and their features

According to the story in the game, you will be an archeologist, one who is invariably hungry for revealing the truth of the past, but when one unintended discovery takes you to a wonderful and unusual world, one that is doomed to an indestructible fall. From here you will begin to reveal all the riddles. Solve everyone in a split second by downloading Faraway 4 cheats. The company will be compiled by the notes of an old philosopher, who happened to follow the same path that you now have to go. His questions and his story become just throws on the mystery more and more huge layers of mystery that you need to uncover. You will have to discover the secrets of this world yourself and, permissible, better and remain alone. This place changes people, and if you somehow return home, the results will not be forced to wait. But you still try to escape from this place yourself, or by installing 4 for Faraway cheats.

Hacked Faraway 4, and game secrests

Hack Faraway 4 will only bring you closer to the rationalization of the nature of this mysterious and somewhat frightening, but at the same time charming and alluring world. There are a lot of riddles and puzzles in the game, after all, this is its essence. All of them are unique and, accordingly, every one requires special treatment. You will be able to download and install hack Faraway 4 in order to help yourself in places where you have stalled and do not know what to do next. In the same way, you will be able to unlock the full version of the game, since, initially, only the first few stages are available for free, and to unlock all the secrets you need to see the full picture of the events that occur. Reveal all the secrets of your family by finding the missing pages of your dad's magazine and finally realizing what happened after all.

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Faraway 4 Cheat Codes for free purchases (iOS and Android):


Cheat Codes

Price in the game

All Levels Special



The prices in the table are crossed out, because after entering the cheat code in the game Faraway 4, you will get the things for free.

Other Codes for Hacking Faraway 4 (iOS):


Cheat Codes





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Faraway 4 Hack Codes (Android):


Cheat Codes





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In order to get all Cheat Codes for Faraway 4 (Android and iOS) and guide for these codes, follow this link

To start using cheats, you need to download from GooglePlay or AppStore the original Faraway 4. Hack of this game works on all devices on which it is installed. Faraway 4 Cheats work the same way as in other similar games, so if you have already used cheats, then it won't be hard to hack Faraway 4.

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