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Ice Cream Jump Codes and Cheats Coins
  • Name: Ice Cream Jump Hack;
  • Cheats for Coins, and more;
  • Developer: Retro Dreamer;
  • Price: Free;
  • Languages: English;

Description and tips

The game application - Ice Cream Jump, not at all an ordinary game like other action games. Here you will get acquainted with the strange hero Ice Cream, you will need to help him go through his difficult life, as for dessert. Use the Ice Cream Jump hack into and help Ice cream to achieve his desire, and our delightful positive hero dreams of conquering the heights of the heavens, as he loves to jump very hard, so he is counting on your support and encouragement. Applying for Ice Cream Jump hac kyou will be able to conquer all the high platforms in order to collect the necessary number of coins and get the skill to move to the higher tier. But be careful, annoying ominous flies will meet on your way, beware of them, as they can harm your Ice Cream Maker.

Ice Cream Jump Cheats and their features

The game Ice Cream Jump is well suited for a simple game. Dyuzhe primitive control allows you to play without being distracted by difficulties. Your core task will be easy to tap on the screen, and Morozhenko, will jump in a given direction. But be careful, some platforms are moving may fall, while he will lose his life. Using in Ice Cream Jump cheats, you will have a panel, with the support of which you will be able to control the number of points collected. She will show the height that you have conquered. Rise even higher and set records in the high jump for the ice cream makers. Also, if you use for Ice Cream Jump cheats you will have access to complete new levels of the game. Use your chance to win big.

Hacked Ice Cream Jump, and game secrests

Hack Ice Cream Jump will help you get through all tiers very quickly. Since you will be able to access the virtual store with various accessories and decorations for your dessert friend. Also, you will be available amazing bonus - an apple. Find an apple on the platform and jump onto it, your friend will instantly take off and fly several rows of platforms at high speed. Using the hack Ice Cream Jump you will get many such apples on one tier, and you will be able to quickly pass through various types of platforms. Be careful on the difficult tiers of the platform insidious, they can suddenly disappear from under the ice cream maker. Then all your efforts will be fruitless. But there is one chance of escape - use an umbrella. With his support, he will descend to several platforms below and will not fall to the ground. Invite friends and spend time together.

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Ice Cream Jump Cheat Codes for free purchases (iOS and Android):


Cheat Codes

Price in the game

A Cup of Gold



A Bowl of Gold



A Pint of Gold



Remove Ads



Starter Pack



Premium Pack



The prices in the table are crossed out, because after entering the cheat code in the game Ice Cream Jump, you will get the things for free.

Other Codes for Hacking Ice Cream Jump (iOS):


Cheat Codes





Get more Ice Cream Jump iOS Cheats

Ice Cream Jump Hack Codes (Android):


Cheat Codes





Get more Ice Cream Jump Android Cheats

In order to get all Cheat Codes for Ice Cream Jump (Android and iOS) and guide for these codes, follow this link

To start using cheats, you need to download from GooglePlay or AppStore the original Ice Cream Jump. Hack of this game works on all devices on which it is installed. Ice Cream Jump Cheats work the same way as in other similar games, so if you have already used cheats, then it won't be hard to hack Ice Cream Jump.

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